Designed for modern software teams

With just a few lines of code, software teams can do the same things they do with regular data at real-time speeds; only everything is always encrypted.

No plain text ever enters or exits the system. Now you can use all of your data without exposing any of your data.

Blind Storage

  • BYO keys or pluggable with 3rd party key management systems
  • Support for complex data types
  • Fine-grained access controls

Blind Query

  • Run encrypted SQL queries against encrypted data
  • Arithmetic, bitwise, comparison, and logic operators
  • Support for complex composite queries

Blind Proxy

  • Encrypt and decrypt as-a-service
  • Low-code deployment
  • Self-hosted or managed secure enclave

Blind SDK

  • Encrypt and decrypt in your own server environment
  • Support for the most popular languages (Python, Javascript, Go, C#, Java, and more)

Blind On-Prem

  • Encrypt, decrypt, store, and process on-prem.